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We are a specialist static control company, dedicated to offering creative, good quality, yet competitively priced products & services, tailored to each individual client's requirements.

Since 1999, backed by over 30 years experience in the field of static electricity and driven by an enthusiasm for the multifaceted applications of static control, Bondline Static Control Solutions’ mission is to enable our clients to increase their profitability and reliability through our sustainable solutions aimed at reducing their losses due to static electricity and ESD. 

When you have a static problem, you would like to talk to someone that can not only empathise with you, but offer real life, practical solutions.  There are circumstances that call for specific static control properties … antistaticconductivedissipative are all different & sometimes antistatic is not the key property that you need … and sometimes earthing yourself is NOT the right thing to do … 

The familiar static shock that we receive when getting out of a car or touching metal, is a mere annoyance compared to some of the effects of this strange electrostatic phenomena. Static electricity, or the resulting ESD (Electrostatic Discharge), causes significant losses of time, money & reputation.  This is because it can damage electronic devices, cause computer errors & lock-ups, attract contaminants, ignite explosives, cause undesired material behaviour during production and much much more … 

Our static control products from CADSTAT and other reputable brands, not only cover the obvious grounding, matting, packaging, etc, but also soldering, vision systems, footwear, benches, fume extraction and more … 

If you need Static Awareness Training / Seminars, Auditing and Consulting ... we can help you!