D'Wipe Wyperclean Wipes


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D'Wipe Wyperclean Wipes
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D'Wipe Wyperclean Square Wipes:

  • Chloride = 0.587 µg / g - meets ISO14000
  • 100% PP non-woven fabric
  • Virtually no lint (never say never)
  • Antistatic / low charging
  • Electrostatic dissipative - typically 5 x 108 Ω
  • RoHS compliant
  • Sizes: various, see table below

What makes D'Wipe Wyperclean wipes different to other products on the market ?

There are many different types of cleaning fabrics/papers on the market for cleaning. However D'Wipe Wyperclean is a truly unique and innovative material that has distinct advantages over other products in the market. D'Wipe Wyperclean is a 100% PP non-woven fabric that has very fast absorption.

This means that any liquid is absorbed on the outside of the fibres, making sure the cleaning solvent is where it should be, not within the body of the material. Absorption is very rapid as the fibres act as thousands of capillaries spreading the IPA all over the fabric.

IPA is a VOC (volatile organic compound) and is dangerous for the environment and human health. It has a flash point of 120C and so represents an explosion hazard in temperatures above this figure.

D'Wipe Wyperclean is antistatic / low charging & static dissipative with consistent typical values of 108 Ω (ANSI ESD STM S11.11) so there is no possibility of D'Wipe Wyperclean generating sufficient charge to cause the IPA to catch fire. This additional property is a big advantage considering the high risks involved when using IPA.

IPA is a fast evaporating solvent which can leave a residue and not end up an effective cleaner. D'Wipe Wyperclean fabric traps the paste in the fibres ensuring a clean stencil without being abrasive.

D'Wipe Wyperclean benefits:

  • 100% Polypropylene fibres so it can be recycled; good for the environment.
  • D'Wipe Wyperclean is thermally bonded so it does NOT contain any chemical binders.
  • Virtually lint free and so will not block a stencil.
  • The fabric traps solder paste within the fibres unlike paper products where the solder paste stays on the surface and so there is potential for contamination when the paste dries.
  • The fabric is static dissipative and so will not generate a significant charge.
  • D'Wipe Wyperclean is still effective using less solvent than other products because less solvent is required to wet the fabric and absorption is very fast. Using too much IPA can reduce the cleaning power, by causing smearing.

D'Wipe Wyperclean is available in a wide range of sizes and wiper roll lengths can be customised for maximum efficiency.

  Part No. Description Min Order Qty Stock Weight (kg) Price  
  D'Wipe-1010 10cm x 10cm / 4'' x 4'', supplied in a static safe bag of 100 1 POA
  D'Wipe-1515 15cm x 15cm / 6'' x 6'', supplied in a static safe bag of 100 1 POA
  D'Wipe-2323 23cm x 23cm / 9'' x 9'', supplied in a static safe bag of 100 1 POA
  D'Wipe-3035 30cm x 35cm / 12'' x 14'', supplied in a static safe bag of 25 1 POA