Simco-Ion ionONE Micro S & Micro SA


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Simco-Ion ionONE Micro S & Micro SA
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  Datasheet: ionONE
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Simco-Ion ionONE Spot Ionizers Micro S & Micro SA

Model SA has Air Assist

" ... a tiny ionizer that can fit under most microscopes ... "

Simco-Ion’s ionONE Spot Ionizers are designed for the control of static electricity and charge neutralization for small areas. Typical applications include inside production tools, inspection stations, and conveyor lines when the product to be protected is 3-12” (7-30 cm) distant. The Model Micro S Spot Ionizer is suited for applications where airflow from HEPA filters or fans is present, or when the area to be protected is in close proximity. The Model Micro SA Spot Ionizer uses compressed dry air (CDA) to provide the airflow necessary to ionize a nearby confined area when there is no existing airflow.

  • Meets ISO 14644-1 Class 5 (Fed. Std. 209E Class 100) - Cleanliness
  • Compact design
  • Self-balancing technology
  • Easy maintenance
  • Power Indicator status LED
  • Air assist version for precise ionized air delivery
  • Self-balancing Piezoelectric Technology

Both the ionONE Model Micro S and Model Micro SA Spot Ionizers use a piezo ceramic material between two electrodes to form a high voltage transformer. The end result is a flat, compact and lightweight ionizer that generates positive and negative ions in pulse mode from the emitter points.

Dimensions and Weight

  • 52 x 41 x 16.5mm - add 6mm to the length at each end for the flanges
  • Air fitting connection on Micro SA adds 10mm to length of chassis
  • Micro S: 16g
  • Micro SA: 19g

Typical Coverage Area:

  • Micro S: 150 x 150mm (6” x 6”) @ 75mm (3”)
  • Micro SA: 150 x 150mm (6” x 6”) @ 15mm (6”)
  Part No. Description Min Order Qty Stock Weight (kg) Price  
  Micro S-02 Simco-Ion ionONE Micro S with 12VDC Adaptor 1 $534.00
  Micro SA-02 Simco-Ion ionONE Micro SA (Air Assist) with 12VDC Adaptor 1 $577.00