Sanitizing Barrier Lotion


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Sanitizing Barrier Lotion


IC Sanitizing Barrier Lotion - Alcohol Free

What is the cost of absence from the workplace ... help reduce sickness where you can.

Note: Contains Silicon - this may or may not impact on its use in a cleanroom or with electronic parts handling, please check for suitability before use.

This "Alcohol Free" Sanitizing Barrier Lotion kills 99.99% of germs for up to four hours, offering an alternative to Alcohol based sanitizers. Helps protect and shield the skin from Biological & Chemical Environments

Formulated for the Industrial, Medical, Pharmaceutical, Electronic & Food Service Industries. Soothes chapping, skin flaking and skin sensitivity cause by gloving.

Dimethicone helps add a protective barrier to the skin. Contains 13 Botanicals & is Paraben Free


To Our Visitors,

We are very thankful for the opportunity that we had with Channel 3 News in discussing our new products on November 19th, 2014. Their are a few things though we would like to illuminate on. Our interview was to discuss our new products which work in conjunction with other safety measures such as gloves. It is also important to remember hand washing is standard procedure which should never be overlooked. These products were to illustrate an alternative product to alcohol based hand sanitizers. Like all cosmetic manufactures, we must go through a series of tests to determine longevity, effectiveness, and particular bacterial and viral killing probabilities. In the news segment we illustrated some of the common bacterias and viruses that most accedited labs test for. We discussed the items that we have tested accurately in killing and also named the tests that we are currently conducting and beginning trials for. Although the Ebola virus was brought up by the newscaster it was never discussed that our barrier lotion kills the Ebola virus, merely that the owner would like to test its effectiveness against the Ebola virus outside the body. For further information please contact us.

  Part No. Description Min Order Qty Stock Weight (kg) Price  
  ICBL-2 59ml / 2oz, Sanitizing Barrier Lotion, Alcohol Free 1 POA
  ICBL-32 0.946lt / 32oz, Sanitizing Barrier Lotion, Alcohol Free 1 POA
  ICBL-GAL 3.785lt / 1 U.S. Gallon, Sanitizing Barrier Lotion, Alcohol Free 1 POA